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__TEC_eagle_20160713.zip                 [283 KB]       2016-07-13 ./.
Set of lbrs / files mentioned below
_TEC_Hirose_DF19G_1H_r600.zip            [  4 KB] 6.0.0 2014-04-29 ./.
HIROSE Connectors DF19 Series (DF19G-xxP-1H), 1mm Pitch, SMD, Right angle receptacle, top-board-mounting
Poles (xx): 08|14|20|30
_TEC_Reichelt-PS_r630.zip                [ 10 KB] 6.3.0 2016-07-13 ./.
Reichelt Leiterplatten-Steckverbinder Typ PS (PS 25/xG; PS 25/xW; PSS 254/xG; PSS254/xW); www.reichelt.de
gerade und gewinkelt; 02|03..10|20-pol.; pad-shapes round and long
_hhn_MS1V-T1K_r501.zip 5.0.1 2014-01-15 ./.
MS1V-T1K SMD Crystal (Quartz) Series 30..200 kHz; Micro Crystal Switzerland; www.microcrystal.com
_hhn_MCP7941X_r500.zip 5.0.0 2013-10-23 (identical)
Microchip MCP79410/MCP79411/MCP79412 I²C Real Time Clock/Calendar with Unique IDwww.microchip.com
Packages: MSOP8_.65 (.65mm pitch) | SOIC8 (narrow, 3.9mm body) | TSSOP8 (4.4mm body)
_hhn_Pololu_r530.zip 5.3.0 2013-10-13 (identical)
Collection of Pololu Modules to be placed onto user's target board; www.pololu.com
• Adjustable Step Down Voltage Regulators Series D24V3A_V
Voltage Regulator Modules D24V3A_V, D24V6A_V
Motor Driver Carrier Board VNH2SP30 and VNH3SP30 MD01B
Changelog: Shutdown-Pins NSHDN: Symbol: Pin-Direction changed to "In" (must not be left open/floating)
_hhn_PtcFuses_Siba_r500.zip 5.0.0 2013-05-17 (identical)
PTC-Fuses SIBA SMD-Series 194600, 194800; www.siba.de/
Packages: 1812 (4.5x3.2)mm, 2920 (7.5x5.5)mm
5.1.0 2013-02-25
MCP1703[A] Series of Voltage Regulators: (1.2…5.0)V, LDO, 16 V Input, (100/150/200/250) mA; www.microchip.com/
Voltages (V): 1.2|1.5|1.8|2.5|2.8|3.0|3.3|4.0|5.0
Packages: SOT-223 with connectable tab ('DB') | SOT-23A ('CB')
Unlike CadSoft's orig. versions, SOT-223 ('DB') package has a connectable 4th pin, the (GND-)tab
5.0.0 2012-12-17
BOURNS SRR0805 Series: Shielded Power Inductors (Ferrite)
• 2u2 ... 1000 uH
5.1.0 2012-11-15
Box-type pinheader connectors 1.27mm / 50mil / 0.05" pitch, THT and SMT Mounting
Circuits: 2x03|05|06|07|08|10|12|13|14|15|17|20|22|25|30|32|34|40|50, straight mounting, no-locking
Consider note on THT versions: a modified, suitable dru-file (8mil, template) is attached to the zip-container
5.0.1 2012-11-02
ISO7240, ISO7240F, ISO7241, ISO724; AMC1100; ADS130, ADS131; Texas Instruments Smartmeter Combo; www.ti.com
Analog Diff. Isolation Amplifier (PDIP-8 Gullwing, TI-Postfix 'DUB'*); Digital Isolators (SOIC-16 300mil, TI-Postfix 'DW'); Analog Front-End (PQFP-64 0.5mm pitch 10x10mm, TI-Postfix 'PAG'*) - * = acc. to TI (specs/recommendations)
5.0.0 2012-10-15
ADS1232, ADS1234: Texas Instruments 24-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converter For Bridge Sensors; www.ti.com
Supported Packages: TSSOP-24, TSSOP-28 (TI-postfix "PW")
5.0.0 2012-10-15
CC2540F128 / CC2540F256: Texas Instruments 2.4-GHz Bluetooth® low Energy System-on-Chip; www.ti.com
Supported Package: QFN40-6x6mm (TI-postfix "RHA")
_hhn_MAX7400_07_r500.zip 5.0.0 2012-04-17 _hhn_MAX7400_07.zip
MAX7400, MAX7403, MAX7404, MAX7407: 8th-Order Switched Capacitor Filters;  www.maximintegrated.com
Supported Packages: PDIP 08 30mil, SOIC 08 JEDEC 150mil
_hhn_attiny25_45_85_r500.zip 5.0.0 2012-04-13 (identical)
ATtiny25, ATtiny45, ATtiny85; http://atmel.com
Supported packages: PDIP 08 300mil, SOIC 08 JEDEC 150mil, SOIC 08 EIAJ 208mil, TSSOP 08 4.4mm
1.1.0 2012-04-12
aimtec AM3N Series: 3 W DC/DC-Converters; 5/12/24V ±10% Input; 5/7.2/9/12/15/18/24V single and dual output;
DIL24-compatible (metal); http://www.aimtec.ca

_hhn_ata6613_ekmodule_210.zip 2.1.0 2011-10-11
Atmel eva-kit ATA6613-EK for ATA6613; http://atmel.com
- Evaluation kit for ATA6613 TQFN: System-in-Package version of an automotive-range AVR-uC (pre-assembled):
  ATmega168 + LIN-SBC ATA6624 in a single QFN48-package.

- By mounting connectors on bottom side, the EK can be used as a piggy-back module plugged onto the user's board.
  This lbr contains the device-set for the user's board (EK v1.1 connectors and symbol definitions).

1.1.0 2011-07-19
Fastron 07HCP Inductor Series (Ferrite); www.fastrongroup.com
THT 5mm lead spacing, 8.3mm max. diameter, 10mm max. height; Fastron part# as attribute on layer 196 aValue

_hhn_cpol-eu-panasonic_FKV_H.zip 2011-06-22 (identical)
Panasonic Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor Series FK, Type V, Size H (SMT)
_hhn_BTS432E2.zip 2011-06-22 ./.
BTS432E2E3062A (SMT: SMD-TO220AB/5 ≈ Infineon P/PG-TO220-5-62); www.infineon.com
Smart Highside Power Switch with Logic Input and Logic Open-Drain Status Output
_hhn_schurter_LPH_LPS_LSH_SMS.zip 2011-06-17 schurter_LPH_LPS_LSH_SMS
Schurter Printmount Switches: Series LPH, LPS, LSH, SMS (THT, SMT); www.schurter.com
Momentary Action, Normally Open
Schurter #: 1241.1600 1241.1601 1241.1606 1241.1607 1241.1612 1241.1613 1241.1618 1241.1619
              1301.9301 1301.9302 1301.9303 1301.9304 1301.9305 1301.9306 1301.9307 1301.9308 1301.9309
              1301.9314 1301.9315 1301.9316 1301.9317 1301.9319 1301.9320
1.1.0 2011-06-08
MAX4230: MAX4230AUK (SOT23-5)
MAX4231AUT (SOT23-6)
MAX4232AKA (SOT23-8, 0.65mm)
Single / Dual / Quad, Single-Supply, Rail-to-Rail I/O, High-Output-Drive OpAmps; Maxim; 
_hhn_traco_tsr-1.zip 2011-06-08 _traco_tsr-1.zip
Traco® TSR-1 Series POL DC/DC-Converters, Vi max. 36 V, Vo = (1.2 .. 15)V, Io = 0 .. 1 A; www.tracopower.com
3-pin SIP-package (drop-in replacement for 78xx linear voltage regulators in TO220-package, vertically assembled)
_hhn_sparkfun.zip 2011-06-01 ./.
Sparkfun Module: SEN-09723 BMA180BO
Triple Axis Accelerometer Breakout, based on Bosch BMA180; 4 assembly options (see device description)
_pac_hhn_SOT23-8_065.zip (package only) 2011-05-26 ./.
8-Lead SOT23 package, 0.65 mm grid spacing (SOT23-8 .65); www.maximintegrated.com
_hhn_ADR360.zip 2011-05-26 (identical)
ADR360..366 A|B UJZ (TSOT-5): ADR360, ADR361, ADR363, ADR364, ADR365, ADR366; www.analog.com
Low Power, Low Noise, Band Gap Voltage References
_hhn_AD622_AD623.zip 2011-05-26 (identical)
AD622 / AD623 A|B NZ|RZ|RMZ (DIP-8, SOIC-8, MSOP-8); www.analog.com
Rail-to-Rail Instrumentation Amplifier, Dual Supply / Single Supply Capability
_hhn_olimex.zip 2011-05-20 (identical)
Olimex AVR-CAN Module, Rev. A (60 x 50)mm; http://www.olimex.com
Device-Sets to mount AVR-CAN module as a piggy-back onto the user's board.
2 Symbols available: pins arranged by function or arranged by pin-number of Olimex' connectors EXT1 and EXT2
Note: connectors RS232, CAN, JTAG and PWR drawn for orientation only; may be not to right scale!
_hhn_suppressor_SMAJ_SM6T_P6SMB.zip 2011-05-19 (identical)
SMAJxxA, SMAJxxCA (Case: SMA = DO214AC)
SM6TxxA, SM6TxxCA, P6SMBxxA, P6SMBxxCA (Case: SMB = DO214AA)
Voltage Suppressor Diodes, unipolar (A) / bipolar (CA)
Note: package dimensions / footprints acc. to ST specs. (www.st.com)
78xxD2T, 78xxDT, 79xxD2T, NCV78xxD2T, NCV78xxDT; http://onsemi.com
SMD D2PAK / DPAK Linear Voltage Reg., 1 A, positive (78xx) / negative (79xx) / automotive (NCVxx)
- Supported packages / cases: D2T = D2PAK-3; Rth,JA = 45 K/W @ (10x10)mm copper area
  DT = DPAK-3; Rth,JA = 92 K/W
- Package dimensions and soldering footprints acc. to ON-Semicond. specs.
- Source: datasheet doc.#: MC7800/D, MC7900/D
_hhn_avisaro20_modules.zip 2011-05-16 ./.
Avisaro 2.0 Base-Module B20511, WLAN-Trailor W2N511, Base+WLAN = W20511, ca. (37 x 32) mm
Source: http://www.avisaro.com/; http://www.avisaro.com/tl/tl_files/Avisaro20_Marketing/Produktliste.pdf
Note: Device-Set of WLAN-Trailor has no electrical connections (pins/pads), to be added into schematic / board
      for BOM and assembly print purposes only
_hhn_diodes_smd.zip 2011-05-12 (identical)
SMD-Versions of General Purpose Rectifiers             [THT equivalent:]
LL4148 / LL4448 (SOD80 = DO213AA = MINIMELF; Glass)  [1N4148/1N4448]
1N4148WS / 1N4448WS (SOD323F)                        [1N4148/1N4448]
1N914BWS (SOD323F)                                   [1N914]
SM4001SM4007 (MELF-MLL41 = DO213AB)                 [1N4001..1N4007]
_hhn_littlefuse_Nano2SMF_2.zip 2011-05-04 (identical)
Littlefuse Nano2(R) SMF SMD-Fuses Series 451, 452, 455
  (6.86 x 2.69 x 2.69)mm, 125 V; Very Fast-, Fast- and Slow-Acting
Littlefuse SMF OMNI-BLOK(R) Fuse Holder + Fuse
Note: holder (replaceable fuse) and fuse itself (solded directly onto board) have different footprints!
_hhn_L6205_v2.zip 2.0.0 2011-04-13 L6205_v200.zip
L6205 (ST): L6205PD (PowerSO20, with Slug), L6205D (SO20), L6205N (PowerDIP20)
DMos Dual Full Bridge Driver (8..52V, 2.8A)

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